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HL 06/07/2021
" cant thank you enough for your help and guidance. I feel stronger and happier each day!" Long ... [More]

Lady MC 01/06/2021
I didn't think anyone could help my breathing. Thank you for your support Long Cocid ... [More]

JC - 30/11/2020
Thank you so much for your time, it was very kind of you. Thank you for taking the time to listen, and ... [More]

JWW 03/11/2020
Thank you for your time and all the information. We both really appreciate it. I felt our issue was ... [More]

AP, North London 30/10/2020
Many thanks, and so grateful to you. An angel in disguise. ... [More]

Dame H 17/09/2020
Dear Ruth, thank you so much for all your wise words and help. I have really enjoyed our sessions together. ... [More]

Mrs P 30/08/2020
I can't tell you how grateful I am for helping me, I didn't know what was wrong, I didn't know what to ... [More]

MA 02/02/2020
Thanks for helping me get my IPF and exercise programme organised. Very useful. ... [More]

TAW 30/11/2019
Just wanted to let you know the filming went well this week. Thank you for all your advise and support. ... [More]

Mr S P-Y 24/10/2019
'I can not thank you enough. I hadn't even heard of bronchiectasis. I feel like I have got my life back. ... [More]

Lady S, London 29/05/2019
Thank you for all your reassurance and kindness ... [More]

LE - Cyprus 14/04/2019
Thank you for your work with my breathlessness. I will see you next time I am in London for my treatment. ... [More]

P SJ, London 04/03/2019
Thanks for seeing me for my cystic fibrosis. ... [More]

JD, London, New York 28/03/2018
Thank you for your ongoing help, you have been a real help ... [More]

Lord H, London 28/05/2017
Thank you for helping me with my breathing  ... [More]

SB - Herts 01/05/2015
Thanks for advising on our sons asthma. The plan has been really helpful. ... [More]

Mr M - London 16/06/2014
Thanks for sorting out my chest, the acapella has really helped. And Im coughing less in my meetings! ... [More]

Ms C 06/05/2014
You have been very kind, I look forward to your visits, and my walking has improved tremendously. I am ... [More]

LB - London 14/01/2014
Thanks for the work with my wifes tracheotomy. We were worried she would have to be admitted into hospital ... [More]

Mr R 12/11/2013
Thank you so much, I have lived with a chronic cough for 20 years, finally diagnosed with bronchietasis, ... [More]

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