Our Rehabilitation Services.

  • Do you wish you could get back to your previous levels of activity, and get out and about more?
  • Do you want to regain fitness after surgery?
  • Are you limited by breathlessness? or anxiety?
  • Do you lack confidence to use escalators, buses, go out alone?
  • Are you afraid of falling?

Muscle strength can deteriorate rapidly after serious illness, bedrest, major surgery, intensive care admission or lengthy hospital stays.

Confidence to do the things you have always done can disappear following a fall, accident or illness.

The good news is strength, fitness and confidence can all be restored with physiotherapy.

Pulmonary rehab programmes help reduce breathlessness and improve stamina.

Physiotherapy can target vulnerable muscle groups to regain power and movement. Techniques to prevent or cope with falls can be easily learnt.

We can help you face your fears and tackle those speedy escalators, high steps, awkward taxis, the gardening, or just going out alone, and anything else you would like to do but have lost confidence in.

Contact us now to discuss your goals.