Long Covid

A number of patients continue to experience a wide variety of symptoms for over 12 weeks. This includes those who have never been hospitalised.

Symptoms include: fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain, anxiety, racing heart, palpitations, heavy or tight chest, headache, muscle aches/pains and weakness,  trouble sleeping, hair loss, bruising, depression, amongst many others. 

Respiratory Physiotherapy can help.

It is essential not to over exercise, even when you're having a good day. Graded exercise programmes are not advised.

  • Pace yourself -  spread out activities during the day
  • Plan - work out when you will have an activity or appointment and when you can rest
  • Prioritise - if it doesn't need doing, don't do it!
  • Rest - learn how rest effectively, ask your physio for more information.

Breathing: breathing pattern disorders, chest pain, breathlessness, being unable to take a deep breath are all symptoms of Long Covid. Breath work can also help with over-stimulation of the nervous system.


Appointments are available to patients: they can be done online, or as a home visit.

We are extremely experienced in managing COVID patients and have spent time on the frontline in ICU and the recovery wards