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MG, Singer 14/07/2013
Thanks for your assistance. ... [More]

Lord W 01/02/2013
Thank you for your help with my home oxygen. You have been very kind. ... [More]

Mrs H, W London 01/12/2012
Since I started your exercises I can go out for dinner with my friends without coughing. I can't believe ... [More]

Mr AC, London 21/11/2012
Thank you so much for your positivity, it made such a difference to A's life.   In the time we ... [More]

BI, Herts 04/11/2012
Thanks so much for helping Dad, since his COPD got worse, he has been sleeping on the sofa, and barely ... [More]

RR, Herts 07/07/2012
Since your visits to help our child with their dysfunctional breathing, they are at last back to local ... [More]

Mrs A, N London 14/05/2012
Thank you for coming to talk to me about my MND I am doing my exercises as much as I can. I am pleased ... [More]

Mr P, N London 17/02/2012
Thank you for looking after me after my time in intensive care. Very reassuring ... [More]

Ms L, Radlett 02/12/2011
Thanks for your work with my asthma when I was ill. ... [More]

Mrs A.F, London 17/09/2011
My husband is definitely walking so much better after treatments. I didn't think he would be able to ... [More]

B.L 06/09/2011
Thanks for your help. We really needed physiotherapy for Mum with her ventilator and tracheostomy. So ... [More]

Lady D.E, London 06/09/2011
When I came out of hospital I had to walk with a frame and had a carer 24 hours, in 4 weeks I was back ... [More]

Mrs H, Egypt, London 06/06/2011
Many thanks to all at Clear Path who have helped our mother. She needed a hoist to get up after a very ... [More]

Baby J 01/05/2011
It was very reassuring to have someone to check my son after coming home from hospital with my chest ... [More]

Ms V.S, High Wycomb 14/05/2010
It was so hard to find a respiratory specialist, thank you for helping me with my breathing problems. ... [More]

Mr J, London 01/05/2010
I have felt so much better now I am out and about, and the breathing is a lot lighter. Thank you, Ruth ... [More]

Mr T.A. (London) 01/01/2010
I was really grateful for your help with my breathing machine, you have give me the confidence to get ... [More]

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